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Hiring Managers:

Interviewing for Successful Outcomes - a webinar for hiring managers who want to interview for successful outcomes.

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We'll cover off the following key areas - all critical to gaining a successful outcome for you and the candidates you are interviewing.

  • Know the audience, environment and stakeholders
  • Setting objectives / Success parameters / derailers / risks
  • Types of Interviews
  • Types/Style of questions – Consistency and flow
  • Interview Time management
  • Measurement and Assessment of interview outcomes / teaming with the recruiter
  • Candidate expectations – retaining the candidate interest / Feedback / Value proposition / Employer Brand


The objective of your CV is to promote your value proposition, get you in the door for an interview and enable the hiring manager t' gain a high level insight into the value you will add to their business. Find out if your CV is going to get you in the door.

Working with Recruiters and Search Consultants:

A recruiters role in sourcing, securing and appointing talent may surprise you. Understanding what matters most to the recruiter will help you to win the opportunity to interview and remain front of mind. We'll be shedding some light on what - as a candidate, you need to know in order to win the opportunity to interview.

 Job Interviews