• Kaela Hindle

    BA (Hons) Economics

    Career Coach, Senior Associate

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    Kaela's significant experience as a recruitment consultant for recruitment firms and corporates coupled with her many years as a career coach enables her to bring a well-rounded perspective to your coaching. She has a particular interest in coaching emerging leaders who are looking to secure their next role and grow their careers to lead at a more senior level.

    She also specialises in developing Job Interview Skills and provides coaching to those who want to nail what is the 'make or break' stage of the role acquisition process.

    Kaela commenced her recruitment career with a recruitment agency – building an excellent understanding of how recruitment consultants work and what they look for when interviewing a candidate. This feeds nicely into her role as an executive coach.  Kaela will enable you to articulate your skills, experience, and value proposition in a way that is authentic and resonates with executive recruiters and hiring managers during the interview process.

    Since 2008 Kaela has also acted as a Business Partner working alongside senior leadership to support their hiring needs. So, in addition to understanding what drives a recruiter’s decision-making, she also has a strong grasp on what drives the hiring manager to say ‘yes’ to appointing you to your next role. This means Kaela is well-placed to coach you through the screening, interview, and appointment phases of your job search and acquisition.

    Her recruitment experience spans a wide variety of role types including finance, sales and marketing, and HR across a broad range of industry sectors at mid to senior level.

    "I'm passionate about people achieving their career objectives - particularly through their CV, use of LinkedIn, and interview skills, to build a solid value proposition and personal brand."

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