I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gordon. His style is personable, engaging but professional. I found his MyCareerBrand Career Leverage programme practical and useful, both personally and professionally. Gordon follows a logical process with well tailored resources. Reviewing both career and life goals at the same time makes perfect sense - they are not mutually exclusive. Gordon's programme assisted me to get the clarity needed to distill a plan that I am very happy with. Now I just need to deliver on it!

“...deeply experienced, is adept at positively challenging, and guiding towards powerful solutions”

“..not only supportive but also challenged my thought process as I worked towards the next steps...”

“As a mentor Craig gave me the the psychological boost to my morale at a time when I most needed it”

“At all times I felt completely & professionally supported through the process”

“Craig became an invaluable sounding board and source of insightful, honest and considered feedback”

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