We coach you to achieve awesome career outcomes!

Our journey as MyCareerBrand commenced in 2011. But that's not where we started.

We built our careers through learning and developing our capabilities. Bringing decades of experience leading people and businesses across many sectors and roles, we provide career coaching beyond academic theory, that you can apply to define and support your goals.

We enable our clients through their career journey and leverage their potential by taking a strategic approach to their career direction and development, strengths, skills, experience, CV writing, LinkedIn, job search, role acquisition, and onboarding.

A testament to the outcomes our coaching delivers is that most of our new clients come through referrals. People who - like you, want to act purposefully to leverage their potential and flourish in their careers and personal life.

“With your permission, I would like to give your contact details to a couple of my old colleagues who are feeling a little “lost” and could use your help to guide them in the right direction!” 


Each of MyCareerBrand’s proprietary coaching tools and processes has been designed and developed to deliver outcomes, tested using real situations, and evolved to meet client needs and address changing market conditions. They are structured yet offer flexibility to deliver out of sequence when required. 

In addition to our tools, we integrate 3rd party solutions including online assessments and coaching such as Gallup CliftonStrengths (SF34). The key criteria for the inclusion of a 3rd party tool are that they must create a better outcome for our clients. 

Our coaches bring significant coaching and subject matter expertise including senior leadership, governance, HR, talent management, and recruitment. They also take a keen interest in international career advice and local business trends to assist you to develop insights and market-led strategies.

When you're looking for a career coach it's important to set out your requirements and objectives.

At MyCareerBrand you have access to experienced career coaches who act as your catalyst for meaningful conversations, assisting you to develop a way forward, and challenging you to leverage your potential.

We work as a team. You will have a Lead Coach who will call on our subject matter experts when required. This means you will always have access to the best coaching available.

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