Recruiters and Search Consultants

We work closely with recruitment and search consultants and regularly receive feedback regarding their performance, their engagement with candidates, and the value they add to the recruitment process.

There is a difference between recruitment firms and the types and levels of roles they recruit.

Executive and Support recruiters will generally recruit from entry level up to around $250k.

Search consultants will generally recruit at the senior leadership and director level, what is normally referred to as 'C-suite'. Salaries are usually above $180k.

So there is a bit of a grey area between each and we will refer our clients to the most suitable recruiter(s) within the appropriate agency.

We are fortunate to have so many great consultants who have received favourable feedback from our clients.
We’d love to add more, so please let us know of consultants you have engaged with as a candidate or a hiring manager and who have delivered awesome support. If we receive consistent feedback we'll add them to our list.

If you’re a consultant who has a solid reputation for outstanding service and you would like to work with our awesome clients, get in touch.

Agencies we hear good things about

You will often find Executive and Support roles advertised on job boards

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