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The job description never includes the realities of starting a new role: restructuring, change management, managing upwards, transforming a culture and turning around a result. It also never prepares you for the possible isolation and loneliness the tough decisions bring. 

Everyone wants you to be successful in your new role. How you onboard will make the difference between, success, struggling, or worse failure. Starting a new role engenders significant expectations at all levels.

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Depending on the level of onboarding being provided to you by the organisation you're joining - and with your permission, we can work closely with your HR and Hiring Manager to build a cohesive program - or we can work confidentially outside of the organisation. Irrespective of how we structure the alignment, your engagement and interaction with your MyCareerBrand coach will remain confidential. 

By preparing you for the role and organisation you're joining - you'll be equipped to mitigate the risk of de-railers. The coaching provides you with the opportunity to reflect and apply learning with both thought and agility. 

We will work with you to consider the landscape of your new role, success measures, quick wins, and expectations. You will have a 100-day plan you can work on too. If you choose we can continue to work with you beyond the 100-day plan – checking in as required to keep you on track and prepared for the challenges you may face. 

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