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Hint: A recruiter will spot a CV that’s been written for you without your input, and this will become even more evident during the job interview. What do you think will happen next?

When you’re serious about finding a new role you and your CV need to be able to work together.

If you can’t talk to your CV and it looks like most others - a retrospective view of each role with half-baked achievements, you're not likely to get your foot in the door for an interview.

There is a whole lot more to a great CV than just ‘writing it’ and making it aesthetically pleasing. This is why we take a different approach. We do not write your CV for you. We work with you. We teach you.

The experience of our MyCareerBrand qualified CV coaches will help you to bring to life your CV and in the process enable you to talk to it.

The journey of writing your own CV with a coach is often the beginning of a powerful journey that sets you up for success during an interview.

“I would like to say thank you, the CV got me in the door to a company I have always wanted to work with - the recruiter said that it was one of the best she had seen in terms of content and layout - so again thank you for helping me put it together.” Helen 

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By taking a collaborative approach we teach you how to write a great CV for every role you apply for. 

The learning and development process will challenge you to think differently about the purpose of a CV.

Before your CV is written you will understand your value proposition and align your experience, skills, and strengths to target roles.

The process of developing your CV will provide the foundation for your job interviews and position you to network with the confidence to communicate your 'why'. 

“Undoubtedly one of the most insightful and experienced practitioners out there, razor-sharp in helping me identify and articulate what I wanted in my career change and create a compelling CV that spoke of my value, skills, and experience. Couldn't recommend MyCareerBrand more highly. Supercharge your career - it certainly did mine.” 


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