Personalised coaching paired with technology to scale and maintain quality, cost-effective service delivery at all times.

Scalability and Rapid Access

We are engaged for small to large career transition and outplacement projects, and through the use of our BOOST! platform we provide the quality of support usually considered out of reach.

Employees can be onboarded with coaching tools and in contact with their career coach within 30 minutes of registration.

Online Registration and Engagement

We provide a customised solution that can be branded with the employer logo and personalised message to welcome and register your employees for their career coaching. We provide an information sheet for you to distribute to your employees. The sheet contains a link to register online and high-level details of the coaching provided.

Online Portal

The personalised online portal is enabled within 30 minutes of registration. It provides online access to all coaching tools and templates, coaching plans, and the assignment and delegation of tasks between the participant and their coach throughout their coaching. A schedule of coaching completed and hours remaining is displayed to assist with time management.

The coaching plans can send reminders to the participant and coach to keep them on track and focused.

The planner is designed to ensure that each coaching session and the time between delivers maximum benefit and outcomes.

Onboarding and Coaching

During the online registration process, your employee is offered the option of selecting a coach of their choice. The employee is sent a 'Welcome' e-mail with a secure link to their Career Portal, details of their coaching programme and an introduction to their coach. The employee is automatically entered into our Client Relationship Management system and allocated the agreed resources including coaching hours and modules.

Coaching - Face-to-Face, Online and Replay Access

Participants have the option of face-to-face coaching and/or remote coaching via secure video access. Each coaching meeting can be video recorded so the participant and the coach can review the meeting, reflect and work through the assignments without having to take notes.


For large projects you may wish to consider the type of reporting you will require. It could include employee progress, uptake of coaching, number of registrations, completion, job placement success (where participants provide the outcome), budget committed and remaining.

We recognise the requirement for confidentiality, so we will only share information that will not breach the confidentiality of the employee. e.g. coaching notes.


You may wish to provide a customised microsite for your employees to access. The microsite can contain unique information relating to the coaching available, registration links, jobs available through employer and recruiter partners, events such as workshops and career fairs.

Invoicing and Cost Management

Our integrated platforms enable us to provide a customised billing and cost management solution for employers. This could include reporting and invoicing triggered at the time of registration or at coaching timeline milestones (e.g. Commencement, 50%).

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