• Craig McAlpine

    Dip Business - University of Auckland. Birkman.

    Career Coach, Founder.

    m. +6421666807


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    With over 20 years commercial, people leadership and recruiting experience, Craig found that a significant degree of the success his teams enjoyed came from a combination of attitude, experience (learning) and his own ability to coach and draw out the best in people, capability, and performance. This is Craig’s passion.

    Through leading and coaching others Craig recognised that whilst some may be able to readily communicate perceived value, most struggle to understand, let alone articulate a value proposition which will resonate with their target audience. So, often we see people missing out on job opportunities and career advancement in favour of those who are simply able to raise their personal brand awareness to a level that captures the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Not necessarily the best candidate. And not necessarily the best result.

    With his passion for seeing people succeed, in 2011 Craig founded MyCareerBrand with the objective to deliver a clear point of difference in career coaching for job seekers. Developing a structured, results focused set of tools and coaching methodologies to enable clients to secure their next role, Craig works with job seekers to build a compelling value proposition and quality marketing assets including CV, LinkedIn profile and brand strategy, interview skills and role acquisition.

    “At the heart of everything we do is the objective of positioning our clients to win the right job opportunity with the right employer.”

    Based on career coaching, solution selling and opportunity capture methodologies, the tools and templates enable job seekers to discover, build and articulate compelling value propositions to prospective employers. The tools enable job seekers beyond their immediate engagement with MyCareerBrand for future career opportunities. We know that today simply getting your CV written is no longer an effective job search and acquisition strategy. And that is why Craig is continually evolving MyCareerBrand’s tools to lift job seeker capability and meet rapidly changing market requirements.

    “Every job seeker is a solution provider and is positioned to sell themselves as the solution to the hiring managers problem.”

    In addition to working one-on-one with his clients, Craig designs and facilitates MyCareerBrand job seeker seminars and workshops. He is a regular guest speaker, presenting topics such as how to work effectively with recruiters, building compelling CV’s, optimising LinkedIn profiles, and compelling interview skills. He is also a regular publisher on LinkedIn, presents Asia Pacific webinars and is a guest on United Kingdom podcasts for job seekers.

    “It’s about positioning the job seeker through innovative career coaching to better leverage their experience and capability.”

    Craig has grown MyCareerBrand’s reach beyond New Zealand to include career coaching in over 10 countries.

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