• Wendy McPhail

    Graduate Diploma Governance – Waikato University

    Graduate Diploma Business – Victoria University

    Career Coach, Senior Associate



    Wendy's experience in Governance, Business Start-ups, CE and Senior Leadership Roles compliments the MyCareerBrand offering. As an executive leader and hiring manager Wendy excels at recognising strengths and growing organisational capability.

    She has owned and led businesses in the professional and financial services, manufacturing, export, IT & digital, and franchise/cooperative sectors. These roles have provided the challenge of managing change while balancing the necessity for growth and ongoing organisational success. People, their abilities and potential are at the heart of this success and are what ensures organisational evolution and longevity.

    Early in her corporate career, Wendy became the Licensee for the US entity, Covey Leadership Centre. A start-up, the business grew to a team of 30 providing leadership, change management, time management and sales training solutions for NZ, Australasian and Asia Pacific entities. This material provided a framework for learning to live a life ‘deliberately’. While strategic and business planning are organisational mainstays few people apply the same rigour to their lives and careers. Seeing the results these clients achieved (and continue to do so) cemented her interest and application in success via life-long learning, mentoring and coaching.

    “Identifying what we want to achieve in our career no matter the level we are at is seldom the challenge, how to develop a deliberate approach to its’ strategy and execution often is. The team at My Career Brand are catalysts in this process and with the tools provided ensure you are well equipped for this journey”.

    Wendy brings her career and business ownership experiences to MyCareerBrand - offering the perspective of the very person you need to engage with to develop your journey. Be that a Board/Company Owner, Independent Director/CE role, or the CE for a Senior Leadership position.

    She not only works with individual clients on their career aspirations but is skilled at workshop design and facilitation, often assisting organisations with their Strategy, Change and Strategic Foresight requirements. She is a subject matter expert for the Massey University MBA programme and is a regular guest speaker on Leadership and Change. Wendy has her own online business and has held independent Director roles for 20+ years.

    “Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing individuals and organisations realise their potential through people”

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