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Craig, I am very happy to let you know I have accepted a role starting Jan!  It was a great pre-Christmas offer! 

I wanted to thank you so much for your guidance and support as I went through my transition out of a Company and looking to see what was next for me.  Your calm, thought provoking and insightful conversations were much appreciated.. thank you!  I very much enjoyed your processes and I learnt a lot with many takeaways! 

  With your permission, I would like to give your contact details to a couple of my old colleagues who are feeling a little “lost” and could use your help to guide them in the right direction! 

  Thank you again! 



I decided to make a change, but it was daunting to go to the market after working for the same company for over eight years. I knew it was time for a change, and I needed guidance and advice.  

Working with Craig and Kaela the MyCareerBrand methodology strengthened my confidence by clearly identifying my achievements and competencies. The team helped me to identify opportunities and prepare for the interview. 

It was an intensive and short turnaround, and within 2 1/2 months, I landed in a new position that would enable me to progress in my career and passion. 

Thank you team.



I really appreciated how much time and effort Gordon put into understanding my needs and giving individually tailored advice. This really helped me to understand and unlock my value proposition and express it in succinct and appealing language. Working with Gordon gave me a very much needed confidence boost, while receiving an objective and challenging assessment of my capabilities and that’s what you really need from a good coach if you want to achieve results.



"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gordon. His style is personable, engaging but professional. I found his MyCareerBrand Career Leverage programme practical and useful, both personally and professionally. Gordon follows a logical process with well tailored resources. Reviewing both career and life goals at the same time makes perfect sense - they are not mutually exclusive. Gordon's programme assisted me to get the clarity needed to distill a plan that I am very happy with. Now I just need to deliver on it!"



“Craig provided a period of thoughtful and extremely useful coaching for me as I pursued my latest opportunity. Craig is deeply experienced, is adept at positively challenging, and guiding towards powerful solutions. I thoroughly recommend Craig as a coach and mentor.”


"Gordon provided guidance, communication, positive encouragement, attention to detail and professionalism during my CV build and LinkedIn profile establishment. It was a really positive experience learning from and experiencing Gordon's guidance and support. I thoroughly enjoyed our coaching time and believe that Gordon's input has been significant in the outcomes achieved"

“Craig provided sound advice as I worked through a transition stage in my career. He was not only supportive but also challenged my thought process as I worked towards the next steps in my career. His feedback and advice towards rebuilding my resume and personal brand were extremely helpful and I would thoroughly recommend Craig as a career coach.”

“Craig helped me understand how to progress my career in a way that highlighted my strengths and supported my goals. As a mentor Craig gave me the the psychological boost to my morale at a time when I most needed it. I made plans that were real to me because of his coaching approach and methods. These plans could be owned by me and could be measured using tools that he provided.”


“Craig coached me through the difficult time after my redundancy. At all times I felt completely & professionally supported through the process. Without his knowledge of the process & the employment industry, his caring and personable support, or his clear and informative guidance an critique, I would not have so easily re-entered the workforce.”

“Earlier in my career, I was in need of some solid career advice and planning. Craig became an invaluable sounding board and source of insightful, honest and considered feedback. Feedback that I have used repeatedly to further my career.”
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