Engaged throughout New Zealand and worldwide.

As career coaches, we bring significant subject matter expertise including senior leadership, governance, HR, talent management and recruitment. We take a keen interest in local and international career advice, and business trends to assist you to develop insights and market-led career strategies.

We draw on our collective careers as leaders to engage and support people and business to achieve their objectives.


  • We are fortunate to be joined by experienced coaches who complement our services to deliver nationwide coverage and specialist services.

    Associate Career Coaches use MyCareerBrand methodologies, tools and services when engaged to work with MyCareerBrand clients. So, you can expect to have consistent, quality delivery and tools at all times.

  • Interested in joining MyCareerBrand as an Associate?

    Contact Craig McAlpine for further information.

    e-mail: craig.mcalpine@mycareerbrand.net

Want to Join MyCareerBrand as a Coach?

We are passionate about the point of difference MyCareerBrand offers.

If you think you have what it takes to deliver the style and quality of coaching we provide, and you're looking to build a business with access to contemporary thinking and frameworks - then get in touch.

Give Craig McAlpine a call on +6421666807 or email craig.mcalpine@mycareerbrand.net