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Come to New Zealand as a Skilled Worker.

The new Accredited Employer Work Visa allows arrival as of July 2022.

We have chosen to partner with respected immigration specialist Barclays & Lloyds to provide a premium one stop migrant solution where you can explore the probability of your CV, qualifications, and experience being suitable for you to obtain job interviews and a visa for emplyment in New Zealand.

Positioning you for success

New Zealand is an attractive market for high-end employment and therefore competition amongst qualified migrants for jobs is fierce. 

Migrants need to be well positioned and understand how to improve their CV to gain an interview to secure a job and visa that will lead to residence.

A few questions;

  • Does your CV meet New Zealand employer and recruiter expectations?
  • Will your salary level meet immigration requirements?
  • Do your qualifications, experience and job search meet immigration criteria?

    Find out

    You can check employability for New Zealand firms through a high level assessment by specialist consultants at MyCareerBrand and Barclays & Lloyds.

    A Kiwi Success Score (KSS) will provide 3 easy to read reports which set out your target job salary band, assess 10 key areas on your CV - each with a success rating and recommended improvements, and the probability of you securing a visa.

    Your Reports

    1. CV and salary KSS
    2. Visa Probability KSS
    3. Combined CV and Visa Probability KSS

    What you need to do now

    Register here for Barclays & Lloyds to contact you. They will let you know what you need to submit to register your expression of interest.

    On receipt of your expression of interest, supporting documentation and fee payment, Barclays & Lloyds and MyCareerBrand will commence your KSS assessment.

    Timeline for KSS Report

    7 business days (best efforts) from receipt of required documentation to e-mailing you your KSS report.


    Credit card payment: $475 (+ GST if applicable).

    Additional Services

    Should you wish to progress your immigration and job search Barclays & Lloyds and MyCareerBrand can provide additional immigration and job search services.

    Simply let us know and we will help you to get things moving.