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Feeling despondent and wondering why you’re missing out on roles, or worse not even getting a response?

Or - perhaps you don't want to risk it?

As a job seeker you need an executable strategy designed to get you across the line. You need to understand that recruiters and hiring managers are looking for a solution in you to solve their problem.

Actually – your situation isn’t too dissimilar to that of a solutions sales person. And successful solutions sales people know their market, have an executable sales strategy, and know what matters most to their buyers.

Job seekers need to apply the same principles as a solutions sales person would. MyCareerBrand provides the career coaching and tools to enable job seekers to develop and execute a well thought out and executable job search strategy.

The processes and tools create objectivity and set the job seeker up for a targeted job search, qualification and decision making process - removing emotional attachment.

A recent survey found that greater than 80% of those in sales, should not be in sales. The reality is that most of them couldn’t articulate a strong value proposition. So how do job seekers who don’t regard themselves as ‘sales professionals’ even start to sell themselves through a strong value proposition?

By learning and applying ‘solution selling’ techniques designed specifically for job search and acquisition, the job seeker is enabled to align their experience and skills with the prospect’s needs to create a compelling value proposition to hire.

By utilizing a combination of career coaching and positioning tools MyCareerBrand ensures job seekers are enabled to work more effectively with recruiters and hiring managers – developing a strong pitch around their value proposition and employer needs to sell a solution rather than simply a skill.

Job seekers are able to develop their value proposition content and talk to points with a well-structured and e-optimised CV, LinkedIn profile and interview skills.

Are you thinking of getting your CV or résumé written by a professional writer?

Ask yourself these key questions:

1. Will the process teach me how to be independent?
2. Will I learn how to customise each job application to address the requirements of the role?
3. Is the investment I’m making today sustainable and transferable?
4. Once I get the interview – what then? Will I be equipped to nail it?

    “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

    Having the one CV and not being a significant part of the writing process is not going to get you across the line for each opportunity. Nor will you be equipped with the insights and agility to be successful during your job interview.

    The CV and résumé templates and content of yesterday no-longer meet the fast paced and highly competitive world of recruitment and screening techniques of today.

    A recruiter takes only six to 25 seconds to read your application – so ensuring your CV, résumé and LinkedIn profile are optimised to rise to the top and generate a call-back requires robust research and content development.

    MyCareerBrand positions job seekers through a proven combination of career coaching and tools to design and write a baseline CV and résumé that they can customise for every job application. Not just a single job.

    "Within 10 minutes of me sending my CV I got a call from the recruiter.” (Karl)

    LinkedIn is the online networking, information and talent search channel of choice for professionals, recruiters and hiring managers.

    Did you know that greater than 90% of recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn during the candidate screening phase, more than 70% of recruiters have identified and placed candidates found through LinkedIn, and that 61% of candidates who are screened out are screened out because of their LinkedIn profile?

    To capture job opportunities, it’s essential to develop your LinkedIn profile – optimising it to generate LinkedIn profile views and inbound enquiries from recruiters and hiring managers.

    During your career coaching programme we’ll work with you to develop, build and optimise your LinkedIn content to ensure you’re communicating the key messages required for you to gain views and inbound enquiries.

    Focusing on 10 key areas of LinkedIn, the career coaching for LinkedIn provides active and passive job seekers with the key insights, tools and capability to optimise their LinkedIn profile.

    “I’ve noticed a significant increase in the views of my profile.” (Shelly)
    “I’ve had amazing feedback about my LinkedIn profile” (Jayshree)

    Job searchers often find working with recruiters and hiring managers the most challenging aspect of the job search – suffering from a shortage of information, recruiters failing to return calls and a perceived lack of candidate care.

    This career coaching module focuses the job seeker on how they can win front of mind position with recruiters and hiring managers, building rapport through valuable conversations and compelling elevator pitches that win their attention and maintain traction, setting and managing expectations, and developing sustainable relationships that last beyond the immediate job opportunity and job interview process.

    Successful interviews aren’t just about answering all of the questions that get thrown at you.

    The reality is that the recruitment process is horribly flawed, and candidates wonder why they lose out to others who on the surface of it seem less qualified.
    Interviewers are often poorly skilled at asking the right questions and job seekers even less so at answering questions that provide an opportunity to address the ‘below the waterline’ or hidden needs that make all the difference to the hiring decision.

    This career coaching module is designed to enable job seekers to get their message across, hone in on what matters most and to answer the hidden questions.

    Through the application of various tools throughout other MyCareerBrand coaching modules our clients often find their interview skills are learnt passively as they progress – turning this aspect from being one of the most daunting into one of the easiest to master.

    In addition to the key learnings developed as part of your core programme, we also provide a Specialist Interview Skills Coach where you’ll be coached and assessed for your verbal and non-verbal interview skills. The coach recruits recruiters for recruiters and professionals for hiring managers.

    “The interviewer said please don’t take anything else until you’ve spoken to us first.” (Daniel)

    All MyCareerBrand career coaching modules can be delivered as one-on-one coaching sessions or in a workshop environment.

    Should you be involved with a group of employees who have had their roles disestablished and facing redundancy we can work with your employer to tailor the MyCareerBrand modules to become part of your Outplacement and Career Transition Programme.

    This is not only a cost-effective way of delivering great outcomes, but also a way for participants to engage, share insights and test their development as they progress with others.


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