Where do I want my career to go next?

Everyone will have multiple phases of career progression, development and perhaps consolidation. Even exiting the corporate life or typical career journey for something else.

We provide coaching for you to explore, plan and execute your career journey so you can be intentional about where your career will go next. Whatever phase you are in.

Career Direction and Development

The average person spends 80,000 hours at work over their lifetime, so how you spend your days is how you spend your life. It’s important to invest in your career and get this right. Career planning and development don’t have to be a constant struggle or something that’s always confined to the too-hard basket.

Most people’s careers are incremental or accidental. They start in a job and as new opportunities come along, they weigh them up and from time to time, make job changes. They don’t have a clear view of where they want their career to be in 5-6 years, let alone a plan for getting there. If this is you, then you may not be fulfilling your career potential. You may not be doing the best possible work that you could be doing, nor be as happy, fulfilled or rewarded as you could be from your work.

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MyCareerBrand’s Career Development tools, resources and coaching help you to gain clarity about a future career direction that you would like to pursue and takes you through the steps of what you need to do to get there. 

This puts you in the driver’s seat, knowing the route you will be taking to get to your desired destination.

Navigating What's Next

You’ve had a great career and now you have reached a point where you’re thinking of change. You may for example be wishing to move on from the corporate world, a professional services partnership or from owning your own business.

Questions you may be asking:

How do I work out what’s next for me?

How do I avoid a period of feeling lost and

How do I navigate the transitions necessary
for successful change?

How do I achieve a better balance between my
personal life and my career?

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When moving on from your primary career we help you plan or reset your life goals for the next stage.

You will reimagine your life and create new beginnings. We support you in developing life goals covering/including identity, money, health, relationships and lifestyle.

You will want a rich and fulfilling life, containing purpose and meaning. This next stage of your life could include ‘work’, be it paid or unpaid. ‘Work’ in this context means any time you are using your talents, experience, time or wisdom to benefit others. If ‘work’ is something you want to pursue, we can help you identify the ‘work’ that will be most fulfilling for you.

While creating your plans you will be supported with workbooks containing readings, exercises, videos and tips. We dip into a reference book and provide coaching that draws
on practical experience working through this major change in your life. We focus on helping you successfully navigate the many psychological transitions you will encounter as you implement these major life changes.

You will come away with a holistic action plan for creating the next stage of your life, feeling excited and energised about the life you have planned. You will also feel in control and eager to pursue what’s next for you.

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