The grass is always greener… or is it?

What’s all this chatter about ‘The Great Resignation’?

We’ve read that greater than 50% of employees are currently thinking about resigning. If you haven’t resigned already, don’t think you’re missing out. When it comes to resigning, there’s a big difference between thinking about it, and doing it! So take a breath!

The summer break is often a time when we reflect and consider our career options and yes, we may even decide to resign. ‘I’m not doing 2021 again!’ is, apparently, a trend with resignation quickly following. But does it need to be? And do you need to be a part of it?

What would it take to turn 2022 into an awesome year for ourselves and for all those we connect with – in the same business?

Could we fix our current career and personal challenges through open and frank conversation and action?

Could we avoid resigning, and thereby avoid putting ourselves through the challenge of countless job applications, job interviews and possible rejections?

Taking time to talk

When was the last time you sat down with your manager / your team / those you engage with, to talk about how you can work together to make 2022 the best year ever? What will it take? How can ‘we’ make it happen? What do they and you need?

We all know that when we’re engaged in our job we’re at our
best. We’re more productive. There’s less down time and less stress because we love what we do.

Instead of focusing on how bad the last year has been and making a rash decision to resign or start hunting for that elusive better job, have a conversation with those who could help you turn things around where you are. It will remove many of the ‘what ifs’ that could haunt you down the track if you come to realise things aren’t that much better on the other side of the fence.

The thing is, we don’t always need to move to another employer to enjoy what we do. Those greener pastures may start off looking pretty lush but over time they can end up much the same as where you’ve just come from – because you let it happen.

So let’s formulate the best recipe for getting engaged and getting it right in 2022.

While you’re at it you could also use this opportunity to set out where you want to go with your career long term. 

Let’s get excited!

My Current Job

Complete the table above and add anything else you think
will make your current role / employer a place you want to remain. Don’t just send it to your manager. Set up a time to sit down with them and talk it through. Set up a plan. Agree milestones and measures of success. Take control of your career.

If you’d like some help to work through your career options, get in touch with one of our coaches.
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