Job Search Strategy: Weekly Roundup 9.6.2017

Wow – this has been an interesting week!

I’ve had some amazing feedback from clients around how developing a clear value proposition and being able to articulate that in the form of their CV, LinkedIn profile and their interviews has played a significant role in them winning new opportunities to advance their career.

On the other hand – and not so great was some feedback from one of my clients who is looking to exit their organisation. They are quite up front with their manager that they are looking to advance their career outside of their current organisation. So it’s all on the table. But – wait for it, when my client told his manager he was getting some coaching around job search strategy his manager said…

“what a completed waste of time. People just apply for jobs. They don’t need to bother with that stuff.”

Now I know I’m biased and you know i believe in preparation. Actually having an executable strategy and well thought through tactics to secure a new role – but how many out there lose out on opportunities simply because they take the transactional approach his manager was suggesting?

I guess it’s your choice as to how you go about acquiring a new role.

I’ve collected a sample of my LinkedIn posts for the week for you to reflect on. Most of what I post is inspired by discussions I have with my clients or their experiences and challenges in what is becoming a much more sophisticated candidate market.

Here’s the weekly roundup…


When you’re writing your CV, preparing for interviews and reflecting on your achievements think beyond the ‘what you did’ and the ‘how you did it’. Talk to the benefits of the what and how.

e.g “Implemented an enterprise wide CRM” is not an achievement in itself. It’s what you did, and was probably your job. Simply demonstrating you’ve done your job is not going to wow the reader.

Exceeding expectations and outlining the value of the delivery is.

e.g. “Enabled sales and revenue capture (+15%) and pipeline reporting through implementing an enterprise wide CRM”.

The latter example demonstrates the benefit and an understanding of why you did it.

And this post I shared – well worth a read…

8 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Before 8 AM

Engaging with Search Consultants? Preparation is key!

Have you prepared sufficiently before you start to engage with Search Consultants?

Operating at a senior level they search for, and place candidates in $250k+ jobs.

Before you make an appointment and/or meet, create a one page cover letter broken into 4 sections.

1) You; Your previous/current role.

2) Your key strengths/what you bring to the table.

3) What you’re looking for.

4) Call to action/follow through. Make sure your Linkedin profile is optimised and communicates a strong value proposition.

Preparation is key!


I love to share…

so I can help others. And there’s some great articles on LinkedIn that you could share too. If you found the article interesting – others may do too!

Take time to share other people’s (or organisation.s) posts. Heres one from LinkedIn  you should take a look at. But – you can also add value by contributing your subject matter expertise as I do. Watch your profile views start to soar!

Here’s my take on one LinkedIn article:

LinkedIn’s online Job applications have what they’re calling ‘Easy Apply’. The ‘easy’ thing for you to do is to just click the button. The smart thing to do is not to! Well not until you’ve researched the role, the company, the hiring manager’s challenges etc and ensured your tactics and capability will match their needs. The below link will take you to the LinkedIn blog that’s selling the Easy Apply option. Use it, but use it wisely.

Click here for the LinkedIn article I commented on

Please don’t sabotage your opportunity by hitting the Easy Apply button as if it were simply a transactional numbers game. 


Well I’m off on a holiday for two weeks. I’ll probably still be posting on LinkedIn.

Have a great week. And if you are thinking of looking for a new job, remember – preparation is key. Ask questions. Be curious. Back yourself!

And, if you need to – change what you’re doing!

“if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!”


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