Is your CV talking to you?

Does your CV talk to you and the role you're applying for? Or is it a reflection of someone else, and written for an entirely different role with different requirements?

It's often tempting to use someone else's CV as a template and even to copy some of their content as your own. Not because you're being dishonest or deliberately plagiarizing - but simply because what they have written resonates with you.

But is it really you?

An important part of the process of writing a CV is to firstly reflect on your own achievements and the benefit YOU have delivered to the business. To jump straight into writing your CV will circumvent this process of discovery and potentially leave you wanting during your interview.

Whilst the format of someone else's CV may be what you're looking for, their content is their content. Their style of writing and language is theirs too. 

Be your own person.

Know what value you deliver and the achievements that will underpin your claims around various competencies and skills.

  1. Write down your achievements.
  2. Extract the value/benefit you delivered.
  3. Map the output to the role you're applying for - leaving out content that is either dated or irrelevant.
  4. Wordsmith your achievements into your CV making sure the language and tone is yours - not someone else's, and that your content aligns to the role you're applying for.
  5. Lastly - proof read!

If you would like to learn more about CV content and value proposition building please get in touch with a member of the team at MyCareerBrand.


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