Girl On Fire!

Building a business in a crowded market is tough. To be successful means creating a point of difference that matters. A discriminator (not a differentiator). Put simply, that's when you fill a stated need that others either can't - or struggle to, satisfy.

I got this feedback in the form of Alicia Key's 'Girl On Fire' video today from one of my mentors.

It came on the back me securing within the last week two large corporate's and one of New Zealand's largest government departments to coach their people on #jobsearch, #jobsearchstrategy, #LinkedIn, #CV's and #job #interviews.

My challenge now is to scale the business! That means software and people.

Want to join me in my Auckland Office?

#ThankYou all!

The team at #MyCareerBrand .net

Alicia Keys: Girl On Fire

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