Are you thinking of engaging a CV Writer?

Are you thinking of engaging a CV writer?
Writing your #CV is more than simply populating a template and journaling your career to date. Done correctly the process will deliver powerful learnings resulting from an investment of time, reflection and recall.
If you engage a CV writer they should be more than a scribe who regurgitates paragraphs of content that could belong to anyone’s career. They are just as much a coach as they are a writer. Writing your CV is a partnership. Look very carefully at what you will walk away with.
Ultimately it should be more than just a CV.

✅ Know your value proposition

✅ Know your audience

✅ Learn how to map skills, capability and the target job needs

✅ Learn how to customise your CV for each opportunity

✅ Learn to optimise your CV for the job you want, not just where you’ve been.

✅ Learn how to create a job search strategy and execute.

✅ Beef up your #interview skills. Your CV may get you in the door but it won’t win you the job.

✅ Lastly, be prepared to onboard yourself. Learn how to write your own 100 day plan. Failing at this point renders all previous investment worthless.
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