Are you ready to adapt and evolve in order to thrive?

Remember commuter chaos?
Some of us won’t want to - or won’t have to, go back to that.
And why should we?

One of the opportunities I see coming out of our current situation is actually being pushed in to a new way of working. Sure, we need to strike a balance. But what we’re seeing today is that many of us can #work remotely. The old reasons why not, suddenly disappear.

We don’t ALL need to be commuting to and from ‘the office’ at the same time. If at all.

To me - this is an #opportunity to reflect on how we used to work and how we could work - balancing the components, of social engagement, trust, effectiveness, benefits, flexibility, infrastructure, cost and return, to move into a transformational new way of working. Really using the technology we have - for the better.

Let’s not waste it!

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