Job Interview Express

Job Interview Express

Job Interview Express


Job Interview Coaching: Face to Face Practice, Feedback and Secure Online Video.

Possibly the best 1 hour you'll invest in prior to your job interview!


Before attending an interview you need to ensure you have received objective and constructive feedback regarding your interview skills - preferably aligned to a target role or a specific job opportunity.

Interview Skills Express is designed for those who have an opportunity in hand for which they'll be interviewed, a short notice generalist interview, or simply a brush up on their interview skills.

We will review the background material you provide including Position Description, Job Ad and your CV  and develop a set of typical questions to suit. During your session your coach will provide feedback to imporve your interview skills as you go.

A video is recorded during the mock interview so you can play it back and review your answers and coaching at your leisure.


At least 24 hours in advance e-mail as much of the following information to

1. The title and outline of responsibilities for the role

2. Your latest CV (preferably the one you use to apply for the role)

3. Your cover letter (if you sent one)

4. A position description (if available)

5. The job ad (if available)

6. Key challenges you have uncovered

7. Your strengths

8. Your weaknesses

9. Your Contact Details:

· Name [first, last]
· e-mail address
· Mobile number
· Proposed date to undertake training (please provide a number of options). We will call you to set up a meeting.

    How long will the session last?
    You will have a full hour with our Interview Skills specialist who will provide feedback on your interview techniques. (additional time will be charged at an hourly rate of $350 per hour or part thereof + GST.)

    1. 45 minutes will be interview.

    2. 15 minutes will be feedback including areas for you to focus on and improve. Note you will be coached throughout the interview.

    During your interview we will create a video unless you request otherwise.  The video is stored securely with access only enabled for your coach and yourself (following receipt of payment).

    Our Interview Skills Coaches:
    Interview skills are a specialist area so we treat this exercise like any other programme - it's important to get it right!
    So the coach you will have will be a specialist interviewer.

    If you have previously undertaken other full programmes you will undertake interview skills training with a different coach. This is to ensure objectivity during the interview and feedback session.

    Our coaches previous experience includes:

    · Recruiting for Recruitment companies
    · Recruiting for corporates
    · Corporate Talent Sourcing
    · Screening and Interviewing
    · Coaching

    A more comprehensive option - Interview Skills Training (IST), provides a follow up assessment and full report of your mock interview. You'll find more information here: IST