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Career Transition / Outplacement

Career Transition / Outplacement

Career Transition / Outplacement


Moving on from your current role through disestablishment and/or a restructure.

Organisations are evolving in order to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of their customers. As employees, we need to do the same.

Whilst we may totally get this, moving on from our current employer due to a restructure can be particularly challenging. And how we handle this time in our lives will impact our career.

Maybe you saw it coming - maybe you didn't. When it happens its often difficult to work through the options available to you with objectivity and pragmatism.

That's where we can help you.

After having coached many hundreds of people through career transition it's become clear to me that whilst getting a 'job' is the knee-jerk reaction and desired result - the journey to getting there may be different to those who don't face the added complexity of not being in control of exiting an organisation on their terms.

This is why we have developed a programme specifically designed for those moving through enforced change in their career.

Spanning a minimum of 5 x 1 hour sessions and extendable, we will work with you on your choice of the following key areas:

Understanding Change: Your story and how to manage the conflict of enforced change

Working through the transition with your manager: - They may be scared too

Defining timelines: Getting back your control

Career Direction: Where to next - with structure and confidence

Value Proposition Development: Understanding your target audience and communicating value

Personal Branding: Focus and messaging

CV and LinkedIn Writing: Developing a solution's based approach to content

Job Search Strategy: More than just applying for advertised roles

Working With Recruiters: Gaining and retaining 'front of mind' position

Interview Skills: A full hour of face to face coaching by our Interview Skills Coach including a mock interview and a video recording which can be accessed online anytime by the participant. The coach will follow up with a 15 minute debrief of the mock interview and provide additional feedback to that given on the day.

This programme can be customised and extended to suit your needs.