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Craig McAlpine

Dip Business - University of Auckland. Birkman.

Executive Career Coach, Founder

Lead Coach for CV Design and Development, LinkedIn, Job Search Strategy

e. Craig.McAlpine@MyCareerBrand.net


With over 20 years commercial, people leadership and recruiting experience, Craig found that a significant degree of the success his teams enjoyed came from a combination of attitude, experience (learning) and his own ability to coach and draw out the best in people, capability, and performance. This is Craig’s passion.

Through leading and coaching others Craig recognised that whilst some may be able to readily communicate perceived value, most struggle to understand, let alone articulate a value proposition which will resonate with their target audience. So, often we see people missing out on job opportunities and career advancement in favour of those who are simply able to raise their personal brand awareness to a level that captures the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Not necessarily the best candidate. And not necessarily the best result.

With his passion for seeing people succeed, in 2011 Craig founded MyCareerBrand with the objective to deliver a clear point of difference in career coaching for job seekers. Developing a structured, results focused set of tools and coaching methodologies to enable clients to secure their next role, Craig works with job seekers to build a compelling value proposition and quality marketing assets including CV, LinkedIn profile and brand strategy, interview skills and role acquisition.

“At the heart of everything we do is the objective of positioning our clients to win the right job opportunity with the right employer.”

Based on career coaching, solution selling and opportunity capture methodologies, the tools and templates enable job seekers to discover, build and articulate compelling value propositions to prospective employers. The tools enable job seekers beyond their immediate engagement with MyCareerBrand for future career opportunities. We know that today simply getting your CV written is no longer an effective job search and acquisition strategy. And that is why Craig is continually evolving MyCareerBrand’s tools to lift job seeker capability and meet rapidly changing market requirements.

“Every job seeker is a solution provider and is positioned to sell themselves as the solution to the hiring managers problem.”

In addition to working one-on-one with his clients, Craig designs and facilitates MyCareerBrand job seeker seminars and workshops. He is a regular guest speaker, presenting topics such as how to work effectively with recruiters, building compelling CV’s, optimising LinkedIn profiles, and compelling interview skills. He is also a regular publisher on LinkedIn, presents Asia Pacific webinars and is a guest on United Kingdom podcasts for job seekers.

“It’s about positioning the job seeker through innovative career coaching to better leverage their experience and capability.”

Craig has grown MyCareerBrand’s reach beyond New Zealand to include career coaching in over 10 countries.

Specialist Areas:

  • Job Search Strategy and Acquisition
  • Value Proposition Development
  • CV and Resumé Development
  • LinkedIn and Social Media
  • Interview Skills


        Wendy McPhail 

        Graduate Diploma Governance – Waikato University

        Graduate Diploma Business – Victoria University

        Executive Career Coach, Senior Associate

        Lead Coach for Governance, Career Leadership, IT & Digital

        e. Wendy.McPhail@MyCareerBrand.net

        Wendy's experience in Governance, Business Start-ups, CE and Senior Leadership Roles compliments the MyCareerBrand offering. As an executive leader and hiring manager Wendy excels at recognising strengths and growing organisational capability.

        She has owned and led businesses in the professional and financial services, manufacturing, export, IT & digital, and franchise/cooperative sectors. These roles have provided the challenge of managing change while balancing the necessity for growth and ongoing organisational success. People, their abilities and potential are at the heart of this success and are what ensures organisational evolution and longevity.

        Early in her corporate career Wendy became the Licensee for the US entity, Covey Leadership Centre. A start-up, the business grew to a team of 30 providing leadership, change management, time management and sales training solutions for NZ, Australasian and Asia Pacific entities. This material provided a framework for learning to live life ‘deliberately’. While strategic and business planning are organisational mainstays few people apply the same rigour to their lives and careers. Seeing the results these clients achieved (and continue to do so) cemented her interest and application in success via life-long learning, mentoring and coaching.

        “Identifying what we want to achieve in our career no matter the level we are at is seldom the challenge, how to develop a deliberate approach to its’ strategy and execution often is. The team at My Career Brand are catalysts in this process and with the tools provided ensure you are well equipped for this journey”.

        Wendy brings her career and business ownership experiences to MyCareerBrand - offering the perspective of the very person you need to engage with to develop your own journey. Be that a Board/Company Owner, or Independent Director/CE role, or the CE for a Senior Leadership position.

        She not only works with individual clients on their career aspirations but is skilled at workshop design and facilitation, often assisting organisations with their Strategy, Change and Strategic Foresight requirements. She is a subject matter expert for the Massey University MBA programme and is a regular guest speaker on Leadership and Change. Wendy has her own online business and has held independent Director roles for 20+ years.

        “Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing individuals and organisations realise their potential through people”

        Specialist Areas

        • Clifton Strengths
        • Governance
        • Executive and Leadership Coaching
        • Job Search Strategy and Execution
        • CV and Resume Development
        • Digital – LinkedIn/Social Media/Web Presence
        • On-Boarding and New Role Transition
        • Interview Skills



        Kaela Hindle

        BA (Hons) Economics

        Executive Career Coach, Senior Associate

        Lead Coach for Interview Skills, Recruiter Relations

        e. Kaela.Hindle@MyCareerBrand.net

        Kaela is MyCareerbrand’s specialist Coach for emerging leaders who are looking to secure their next role and grow their career to lead at a more senior level.

        She also specialises in developing Job Interview Skills and provides coaching to those who want to nail what is the 'make or break' stage of the role acquisition process.

        Kaela commenced her recruitment career with a recruitment agency – building an excellent understanding of how recruitment consultants work and what they look for when interviewing a candidate. This feeds nicely into her role as an executive coach.  Kaela will enable you to articulate your skills, experience and value proposition in a way that is authentic and resonates with executive recruiters and hiring managers during the interview process.

        Since 2008 Kaela has also acted as a Business Partner working alongside senior leadership to support their hiring needs. So, in addition to understanding what drives recruiter’s decision making, she also has a strong grasp on what drives the hiring manager to say ‘yes’ to appointing you into your next role. This means Kaela is well placed to coach you through the screening, interview and appointment phases of your job search and acquisition.

        Her recruitment experience spans a wide variety of role types including finance, sales and marketing and HR across a broad range of industry sectors at mid to senior level.

        Kaela is passionate about ensuring her executive and interview skills coaching forms a natural extension to building your value proposition, CV, LinkedIn and personal brand, and mitigates the risk of you failing at the last hurdle – your interview.

        Specialist Areas:

        • Clifton Strengths
        • Executive Coaching
        • Interview Skill Coaching
        • Working with Recruiters
        • Value Proposition Development
        • CV
        • LinkedIn


          Gordon Holmes 

          BBS Human Resources Massey University

          Advanced Human Resources Executive Programme University of Michigan

          Executive Career Coach, Senior Associate

          Lead Coach for Career Development Planning, Career Leverage, Onboarding


          Gordon is MyCareerBrand’s subject matter expert in helping executives manage and leverage their career assets including personal; IP, Value proposition and strengths - planning the maximisation of life after full-time work and successfully navigating the associated transitions. Gordon is passionate about the benefits of people pausing at any stage of their career, reflecting on what they want to achieve in life and in the remainder of their career, and then going for it (with great resources and coaching)! He draws upon carefully selected models that he has applied during his career enabling people and organisations to be successful. Examples of these models include transition management, leadership passages, immunity to change and human centred-design. He draws on insights from psychology and neuroscience to help maximise success.

          Gordon has extensive leadership and executive role experience working in corporates, consulting firms and his own businesses. From working in multinational organisations he knows what it is like to work in cross-border global teams, experiencing deep cultural differences, and working in matrix management structures with the associated complexities and challenges.  Gordon has worked in or consulted to a wide range of industries and sectors and having lived and worked in a number of different countries this has provided him with a wealth of experience to draw upon for his coaching.

          “Whilst it’s great to understand models such as change and transition management, there’s no substitute for also personally experiencing many different career changes and personal life-stage transitions. The combination of useful practical models and my personal career and life experiences enables me to be a more effective career coach and to support my career coaching clients achieve their career goals. I really enjoy helping people set and achieve their goals by providing them with a great road map and valuable resources.”

          Gordon has been described by colleagues as warm and engaging.

          Gordon’s comprehensive talent management experience, both as a professional advisor and line manager, includes: writing and critiquing CVs; interview skills training; conducting interviews; conducting assessment centres; psychometric assessments, including accreditation; supporting hiring managers with decision making; career coaching and mentoring; critiquing and advising on career development plans; succession planning; coaching on leadership passage transitions and 90/100-day on-boarding plans; selecting and partnering with career transition and outplacement providers; assisting individuals with career changes such as a new role and/or employer (‘exits’ and ‘new in post’ transitions), secondments and international postings (outgoing and repatriation), restructures and redundancies; and latter career time reviews and future planning.

          Specialist Areas:

          • Career Development Planning
          • Career Leverage
          • Job Search Strategy and Execution
          • On-Boarding and New Role Transition
          • Interview Skills
          • Career Transition and Outplacement


          Campbell Hepburn 

          Hillary Leadership Programme, (Leadership) University of Auckland

          Executive Career Coach, Senior Associate

          e. Campbell.Hepburn@MyCareerBrand.net

          Campbell joined MyCareerBrand late 2019. With an extensive career in the employment sector to a Country Manager and Managing Director level; recruitment, career planning, coaching, supporting, developing and leading others have all been significant components of Campbell’s work.  

          Working across both public and private sectors, in most areas of employment, Campbell has recruited to a CEO, key appointment and domain expertise level. In particular he has gained extensive experience in the public sector, information technology, energy, professional services, consulting and advisory market segments.  He has partnered with government at a strategic level on New Zealand workforce and skills shortage issues as well contributing to skilled migrant initiatives.

          Experienced with strategic and operational management, sales and service delivery, Campbell brings expertise across the breadth of the talent life cycle. Combined with a highly personalised approach and commitment to supporting others and having impact, Campbell specialises in working with job seekers to build clarity and perspective on the situation they find themselves in; what they bring to an organisation; their achievements; where they derive fulfilment and want to have impact; career direction and how to achieve this and how to present themselves in the market.

          “With a combination of learnt and innate people skills and capabilities I work carefully and respectfully to support and challenge people in order for them to get the most out of our engagement”

          Having extensive industry experience Campbell has gained working knowledge of numerous career management tools and methodologies. Campbell was attracted to the unique set of career coaching marketing tools and templates that MyCareerBrand has developed, seeing them as contemporary yet practical, enduring and future outcomes focused. 

          Specialist Areas:

          • Job Search Strategy and Execution
          • Value Proposition Development
          • CV and Resume Development
          • LinkedIn and Social Media
          • Interview Skills
          • Career transition and outplacement


            Career Coach Wellington

            Christine Mutch 

            BA (Hons) Economic and Political Geography
            Grad Dip Career Development
            Dip Tchng 

            Executive Career Coach, Senior Associate

            Lead Coach, Wellington

            e. Christine.Mutch@MyCareerBrand.net

            Having worked in people development roles for over 25 years Christine brings significant experience as a career coach, organisational development consultant, and management consultant. She’s experienced first-hand the challenges of having her role disestablished and transitioning back into professional employment after nine years of being a full-time parent. Christine’s ability to change direction has been due to her pragmatism, analytical skills, strong networks, and the ability to articulate exactly how she adds value to organisations. These have enabled her to move between roles and sectors in the Wellington market, and as a career coach provide valuable insights for others seeking to secure a new role. 
            Christine has worked with people in the public sector, finance industry, legal profession, IT, education, creative sector and not for profit sectors at all levels. She believes most people have significantly more professional potential than they ever realise. 
            "As New Zealanders we believe Kāore te kumara e korero mō tōna ake reka (The kumara doesn’t speak of its own sweetness). However, during a job search there's benefit in balancing your humility alongside effectively sharing with others what you've achieved."

            As a career coach, Christine will enable you to authentically describe and evidence your strengths in language you're comfortable with. 

             “ Christine makes the impossible feel possible. She rebuilds your confidence, defines your strengths and teaches you to connect with people and opportunities effectively. It was invaluable having such an astute, pragmatic person in my corner.  
            With Christine’s help I found a rewarding role faster and with less stress.” 

            Christine works with job seekers to clarify their career narrative (the story of where they’ve been), focus on their potential (explore what could be) and make change happen (use practical tools to connect them their next opportunity). She’s known for being strategic, people-focused, discrete and practical - aiming to find that balance between challenging and supporting people to be their best. 

            Christine joined MyCareerBrand because of the depth of experience, collaborative team coaching, strengths-based, rigorous, market-leading, and people-friendly tools developed for career progression. 

            Specialist Areas:

            • Job Search Strategy and Execution
            • Value Proposition Development
            • CV and Resume Development
            • LinkedIn and Social Media
            • Interview Skills
            • Career Direction and Development
            • Career transition and outplacement


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