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MyCareerBrand is focused on enabling you to plan and win your next career move, the one after that and the one after that.

This means we focus on building your job search strategy and the tools you need to execute it.

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· LinkedIn
· Personal Branding
· Interview Skills

    We enable you as a career professional and as a job seeker to succeed in securing a new role and at the same time progress your career through solid personal branding and go-to-market strategy.

    At the heart of every recruitment initiative is a ‘business case for hire’.

    As a candidate, your value proposition must address the 'business case for hire'.
    You need to be found.
    You need to create a ‘desire for hire’.

    This is how we think and how we work with you.

    Your career coaching programme will focus on your needs, your target market, your personal brand, your technical skills, and your value proposition.

    We bring those together so you can communicate clearly what it is you bring to the table through your own marketing collateral and online tools such as LinkedIn to recruiters and hiring managers.

    Whether you’re proactively seeking a new role, working through career transition or redundancy with your current employer - it’s important that you are equipped to launch yourself into the job market armed with powerful marketing assets including a customisable baseline CV, a targeted and optimised LinkedIn Profile that drives inbound traffic and opportunities, and compelling interview skills that will capture each opportunity. We enable you to work objectively through a process and come out the end better placed to fulfill your career journey.

    MyCareerBrand Career Coaching provides job seekers with contemporary tools and job acquisition processes which are designed to work more effectively with recruiters and hiring managers, and to network and promote capability in what is becoming an increasingly connected and automated talent sourcing market.

    Whilst we provide a guide to the coaching modules you might like to focus on, your career coaching programme will be designed specifically for you so that you can execute a quality job search and job acquisition strategy aligned to your own needs and those of the market.

    What We Do for You

    We believe that our career coaching is not only different but current. We work with you to build a ‘solutions selling’ approach towards communicating a compelling proposition and provide you with a selection of tools which enable you to develop and promote your brand through your CV, LinkedIn Profile and interview skills. What we aim for is for you to walk away with a strong Value Proposition to recruiters and hiring managers.

    Whether you're early, mid or late career, when you’re looking for a new role you should be thinking strategically, have a plan and be working as if you’re a ‘solutions seller’.

    Your career coaching and job seeker programme not only helps you to win ‘front of mind’ position with your target audience, but will also build your confidence and ability to communicate compelling reasons to hire you.

    Simply writing a great CV for a role today will not position you to lean in to the market and win more opportunities.  And that’s why we don't believe that a CV on it's own is enough. You need more.

    Firstly, we work with you to develop your ability to sell yourself through understanding your career drivers and motivators, developing a strategy with clarity about your value proposition and what the shape of your job search and marketing assets will be in order for you to discover and win more opportunities.

    Only then do we start to work on your CV, LinkedIn profile and interview skills. And because we utilise powerful tools to help you along the way – the cost is no more than that charged by some CV writers for writing just a single CV for a single job application. Your tailored MyCareerBrand career coaching programme provides a lot more – not just for your immediate opportunity – but also for the future.

    So along with a powerful baseline CV, LinkedIn profile and Interview Skills, you’re enabled to sell yourself better than you’ve ever been able to, now and into the future.  When you find that 'ideal' role that’s what really matters most – isn’t it?


    What matters most is that your business is enabled to achieve its objectives.

    This is in no small way achieved through your talent and communicating a strong talent attraction and retention point of difference.

    For years we’ve been talking about the war for talent, but ignoring the possibility that our attraction and recruitment systems and methodologies may be the very things that are sabotaging the talent retention and acquisition process itself.

    The talent you need may well be staring you right in your face, located in your building, in your office. But they're certainly not self promoting.

    Bottom line – job seekers and career focused professionals need to know you not only care about your own business, but them as well.

    Our Employer Services include a range of employee programmes – including outplacement, career Transition, training and workshops, all able to be tailored to meet your needs.

    We provide a full suite of career coaching, training and development programmes designed to deliver value to all staff around management, leadership, life skills and people skills.

    At the heart of what we do is our key measure of success.

    “Making a difference through adding value to your business and your people”.


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