Career Leverage

Career Leverage

Career Leverage


Would you tick any of these?

If you answered yes to any of the above you will want to re-set your life goals to secure your Career Leverage, defining what you know, what you like, when and with whom you’d like to do it.

Often, when people stop working full-time they still want to do some kind of ‘work’, be it paid or unpaid. ‘Work’ in this context can mean any time you are using your talents, experience, time or wisdom to benefit others.

What will it look like – part time, full time, doing what – more of the same or something different, how different?

Bottom line – you’re goal and action oriented, so you do need to make it happen rather than let it hit you in the face or not happen at all.

The objective of this coaching programme is to get you out of the chair you don't want to be in, and move you into the lifestyle you want.

Programme Outline:

Over a period of 3 coaching sessions totaling 5.5 hours face to face (8 hours of coach time) we’ll work with you to explore, test and shape action plans for you to leverage your career and life goals.

Whilst each module is structured in its delivery, the solution is designed to flex to meet your needs – whether it’s via face to face coaching or video conferencing.

We also offer to video your coaching sessions so that you can review these on-line as many times as you like. This has proven to be very popular with our clients as a powerful way of recalling the process, reflecting on key areas and re-capturing the essence of your coaching sessions in your own time.

What you will walk away with:

Note – you may have some of the below already in place. The purpose is to align and test.

Module One

Module Two

Module One:

Life Goals – Preparing for your future:

  • Work & Life: Work Choice in context – for the purposes of this programme the first transition step towards Work & Life Choice is potentially ending full-time work. Work Choice can be at any age and stage of life.

  • Reflections on Work Choice: Challenge your assumptions and mindset about Work Choice. One size does not fit everyone.

  • The Psychology of Reinvention: Being clear. Understanding that Work Choice is a process not an event or destination. The benefits of starting earlier rather than later on your process transition.

  • Planning for Choice: Identity, Money, Health, Relationships and Lifestyle.

  • Life Goals Action Plan (LGAP): Your high-level whole of life goals for the next stage of your life.

Preparation for your first meeting:

At least 24 hours in advance of your first meeting answer the questions you were provided and send them to your coach.

Coaching Session One

(Coaching Time: 2.0 hours)


  • Understanding what you want to achieve and where you’re currently at
  • Relationships – inter-dependencies (personal and professional)
  • Potential de-railers and enablers
  • Overview of Module One contents, readings, exercises and resources


At least 48 hours in advance of your second meeting complete all Module One exercises and the first draft of your Life Goals Action Plan (LGAP).

Coaching Session Two

(Coaching Time: 2.0 hours)


  • Review your exercises
  • Review your Life Goals Action Plan (LGAP)
  • Overview of Module Two contents, readings, exercises and resources

Module Two:

Career Goals – Developing goals for the remainder of your career by leveraging your career assets and aligning these with your life goals:

Often when people stop working full-time they still want to do some kind of ‘work’, be it paid or unpaid. ‘Work’ in this context can mean any time you are using your talents, experience, time or wisdom for the benefits of others. This work could be a change from what you are doing now.

  • Career Review and Stock Take: Includes identifying any career inhibitors, if they haven’t already arisen. Inhibitors can be addressed at this point, or any other point in the programme. The goal is to maximise your career opportunities.
  • Career Drivers: Identifying your career drivers so that they can be used to evaluate future career options.
  • Future Career Options: Thinking about your Life Goals and leveraging your career assets, identify future career options that you would like to explore.
  • Career Goals Action Plan (CGAP): Your action plan for exploring the key career options that you want to do due diligence on. The Plan will enable you to make well informed decisions about each option, and help avoid making any career changes that you may later regret.


At least 48 hours in advance of your third meeting complete the Module Two exercises, your Career Goals Action Plan (CGAP), and your Life Goals Action Plan (LGAP) if you amended it after Session Two.

Coaching Session Three

(Coaching Time: 1.5 hours)


  • Review any changes you made to your Life Goals Action Plan (LGAP)
  • Review your Career Goals Action Plan (CGAP)
  • Commitment to executing your action plans
  • Close-out of Career Leverage programme and coaching

Payment Terms:

There are two payment options available. You can pay the full amount in one payment or split the payment over three equal instalments. If you elect to pay the full amount at once by credit card you will receive a $175.00 + GST discount.

At checkout select and pay $1,895 + GST by credit card at time of registration to receive a $175.00 + GST discount.


If you would prefer to split your payment into 3 equal installments, select $690 + GST by credit card at time of registration and we will invoice you in 2 equal monthly payments.

  1. First payment will be on registration.
  2. Second payment will be due one month following the first.
  3. Third and final payment will be due 2 months following the first.


Next Steps:

Contact one of our coaches for a confidential discussion or e-mail