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C-Suite: Job Search Strategy (C-JSS)

C-Suite: Job Search Strategy (C-JSS)

C-Suite: Job Search Strategy (C-JSS)


Value Theme, C-Level Leadership Competency Frameworks, Value Proposition, Strategic Positioning Statements, CV, LinkedIn and online ready content.

This program is designed for C-Suite and senior executive business leaders, and applies advanced communications techniques and an approach to market aimed at Search Consultants and C-Suite assessment and appointment methodologies.

Over a period of 4 hours - 3 x 1 hour sessions and 2 x 30 minute strategy alignment sessions (4 hours total coaching) we'll explore the leadership domains that you'll need to demonstrate during the robust assessment and selection processes applied for senior level appointments.

You'll learn what you enjoy doing, how you can frame those key areas, and skills to build powerful strategic propositions applicable to C-Suite leadership and challenging environments.

We'll shape your Job Search Strategy with marketing assets such as your CV and LinkedIn profile.

You will be provided with insights and tools that take you on a journey from being a 'me too' candidate, to being a stand out performer who is able articulate a very clear value proposition aligned to your target employers needs.

You'll be positioned to navigate telephone screening, be in control of the application process, and to interview in a way that provides the interviewer with a clear value proposition as to why they should hire you.

This course is designed to be tailored to meet your needs, provide the foundations for a well executed job search strategy and set you up for future opportunity capture.

We can meet in one of MyCareerBrand's offices in either Auckland or Wellington, or conduct our meetings remotely using Skype.

Skype address: My.Career.Brand

What we'll cover:

Go to Market Collateral and Approach:

1. Career Driver Mapping
2. Value Proposition Building
3. CV Development
4. LinkedIn Content Mapping
5. Cover Letter Template and Example
6. Job Search Strategy
7. Market Scoping
8. Go to Market Strategy

    First Meeting (1 hour):


    At least 24 hours in advance of your first meeting email to the coach you have  selected:



    1. Your CV

    2. A bullet point summary of job search activity/actions to date towards finding a new role (recruiters, jobs applied for and results etc.

    3. A bullet point list of your priorities and objectives from your programme.

    4. Complete the questions in the Curriculum Page.

    What we’ll cover at our first meeting:

    The first meeting will primarily be around discovery, learning more about you and introducing you to the first two MyCareerBrand tools - the ABS and CV template. (Ref Curriculum outline).

    You will also be introduced to the core of our point of difference for you – the concept of Benefits and Business Case Value Proposition Development.

    With your coach, you will work through the foundation tool (ABS) and a sample CV. Both of these tools will be available for you to develop the first draft of your CV prior to the second session.


    A set assignment to complete the ABS and Draft CV prior to the next meeting. You’ll use both tools for this assignment.


    Second Meeting (1 hour):

    Your second meeting is generally scheduled one week out from your first and will also be for 1 hour.

    Scheduling can be adapted to suit your own needs and availability.

    24 hours in advance of this meeting you will send your completed ABS and CV assignment to:



    1. CV completed

    2. Content for LinkedIn

    3. Value proposition theme articulated and understood.

    You will also have homework following this session.


    1. Completion of LinkedIn Profile

    2. Completion of CV

    3. Sample jobs


    Third Meeting (1 hour):

    Depending on your progress up to completion of session 2 and completion of your homework, at session 3 we will work on your Job Search strategy.

    Session 3 will usually be scheduled one week out from session 2 or to suit your own timelines and availability.


    1. Go to market

    2. Introductions to recruiters (if appropriate)

    3. Cover Letter Template (if not provided earlier)

    Follow-up Meetings:

    It's important that you stay on track. Included in your programme are 2 x 30 minute follow-up meetings to assess how you're progressing and if strategy and job application re-alignment is required. These sessions tend to be more informal.

    Next Steps:

    Contact Craig McAlpine on +64 21 666 807 for a confidential discussion. Or formally register and prepay by selecting the JSS programme from our online checkout.