Application Assist

Application Assist

Application Assist


This coaching option is designed for those who already have a role at hand that they would like to apply for. Time is short!

Usually you would take some time to work through your job search strategy but you may not have the time allowed for this.

So we've come up with a solution called Application Assist.

Before you apply for a new job it's important to make sure you follow a robust job application process.

This one hour session (minimum) will take you through the process you need to follow to position yourself to maximise your application success rate.

Designed to get you into the 'solutions selling' mode, we'll introduce you to a structured and pragmatic decision making process to assist you at the early phase of the application process from pragmatically screening in or out opportunities through to the completed application.

It's likely you'll already have a Job ad, a position description and maybe additional research about the role to use during your coaching, and if so we'll apply this information against a variety of tools and templates to assist you for the role you wish to apply for.

This programme is a minimum of one hour which may include coaching on your:

- CV content and layout (Template provided)

- Cover Letter (Template provided)

- Value Proposition and Role Alignment (Tool Provided)


Additional tools and templates may be provided to assist you with your application .


A minimum fee of 1 hour ($350 + GST) applies with additional time charged at a minimum of 30 minute increments.


This programme is not a substitute for the C-Suite or Emerging Leader Job Search Strategy coaching options which place greater emphasis on the strategic and value proposition areas through to interview skills.