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Job Search Coaching, Strategy and Acquisition

Looking for a new role requires a focus on strategy, robust planning and execution. Competition among candidates is intense, so your value proposition needs to be compelling. To put it simply, if you're not getting the interviews or job offers you expect then something needs to change. Engaging a coach to work with you on your go-to-market approach could be what you need.

As your Job Search Strategist your coach will customise a solution to position you with a clear Value Proposition, LinkedIn Profile, CV, Interview and Negotiation Skills.

The objective is to mitigate the risk of you losing job opportunities you should be winning.

Next Steps:

Review the core programme options below and decide which one best suits your needs. You can give Craig McAlpine a call on +6421666807 to discuss how a programme can be tailored to suit your needs or simply go ahead and register for a specific programme and we'll be in touch to set up a time.

If you are located outside of Auckland or Wellington we can work together via Skype:  My.Career.Brand

C-Suite: Job Search Strategy (C-JSS)
Value Theme, C-Level Leadership Competency Frameworks, Value Proposition, Strategic Positioning Statements, CV, LinkedIn and online ready content. This program is designed for C-Suite and senior executive business leaders, and applies advanced com...
Emerging Leaders: Job Search Strategy (E-JSS)
Value Theme, Value Proposition, Positioning Statements, CV, LinkedIn and online ready content.    This program is aimed at emerging leaders who want to push their careers forward. Over a period of 4 hours - 3 x 1 hour sessions and 2 x 30 minute st...
Application Assist
Before you apply for a new job it's important to make sure you follow a robust strategy and job application process. This one hour session will take you through the process you need to follow to position yourself to maximise your application succe...
Interview Skills Training (IST)
Interview Skills Coach, mock interview, written coach report, coach phone call feedback, video for review. Fact: No job seeker is an ‘expert’ interviewee – well not unless you’ve done 10,000 hours. This is a comprehensive Interview Skills programm...
Job Interview Express
Job Interview Coaching: Face to Face Practice, Feedback and Secure Online Video. Possibly the best 1 hour you'll invest in prior to your job interview!   Before attending an interview you need to ensure you have received objective and constructive...
Employer Provided Coaching
If you have been referred to MyCareerBrand for employer paid coaching this is where you register. ::: We will have agreed a coaching programme with your employer and it is likely you will have an information pack to refer to. This pack will prov...
Career Brand Momentum: Mastering LinkedIn (CBM)
10 key content areas. Optimization. Inbound and Outbound activity review. Development plan.  Mastering LinkedIn This module is designed for individuals who want to actively push their personal brand to their target market, power their job search ...
Master Programme: (JSS + IST + CBM)
For those who really want to push their career forward by ensuring they have every aspect covered off. This programme will satisfy the needs of those who wish to take a more strategic approach towards building their career opportunity capture, bra...
Career Transition / Outplacement
Moving on from your current role through disestablishment and/or a restructure. Organisations are evolving in order to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of their customers. As employees, we need to do the same. Whilst we may totally get this...
Giving: A great way to support someone you care about!
Ever wanted to help someone who is struggling to secure their next role or is working their way through a redundancy process - feeling anxious and undervalued? This gift option is here to help you to help someone you care about to get their sense ...