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Executive Coaching: Personal Branding, Career Transition, Job Search, Strategy and Acquisition


All of our coaching is delivered via face to face coaching in our offices or by video conference.

Engaging a MyCareerBrand Coach to work with you as your Job Search Strategist will position you with a clear Value Proposition, Optimised LinkedIn Profile, CV, Interview and Negotiation Skills.

Competition among candidates is intense, so your value proposition needs to be compelling. To put it simply, if you're not getting the interviews and job offers you expect, your messaging isn't where it needs to be - and that needs to change.

With the support of your MyCareerBrand coach and your own commitment to getting what needs to be done, done, we'll work together to mitigate the risk of you losing job opportunities you should be winning.

All of MyCareerBrand's cloud hosted tools, documents and templates used during your coaching are readily available to you - hosted in your own MyCareerBrand online account.

Next Steps:

Review the core programme options below and decide which one best suits your needs. If you have any questions give Craig McAlpine a call on +6421666807 to discuss how a programme can be tailored to suit your needs.

Register for a specific programme, select your region and coach and we'll be in touch to schedule your first coaching session.

If you are located outside Northland, Auckland or Wellington we can work together via Video call - including real time access to all online tools and templates.

Leaders; Job Search Strategy and Acquisition (L-JSS)
Designed for Leaders and Leaders of Leaders: Leadership Competencies, Value Theme, Value Proposition, Strategic Positioning Statements, CV, LinkedIn and Go-to-Market: (5 hours) This integrated program is designed for business and people leaders wh...
Application Assist: Providing you with the guidance and tools to secure the role you want. (AA+)
This coaching solution is designed for job seekers who already have a role which they would like to apply for, time is short, or you'd like to focus on just one or a couple of key areas. You can choose any of the following - each option is 1 hour ...
On-Boarding for Success
from $1,050.00
Which On-Boarding programme suits you? Originally designed as an extension of the MyCareerBrand Job Search Strategy programme, the On-Boarding for Success coaching programme can also be provided separately. You can select the programme duration an...
Career Transition / Outplacement
Moving on from your current role through disestablishment and/or a restructure. Organisations are evolving in order to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of their customers. As employees, we need to do the same. Whilst we may totally get this...
Myers-Briggs Step II Interpretive Report and Briefing
We want to make sure you secure the right role with the right company for the right reasons. To enable this we believe you must have a firm handle on your preferences and the environment you will thrive in. Provided by an accredited MBTI professio...
Employer Sponsored Career Transition and Coaching
If you have been referred to MyCareerBrand for employer paid coaching this is where you will complete your registration. ::: We will have discussed a suitable programme with your employer and they will have agreed to pay for your Career Transiti...
Gift and Customised Solutions: A great way to support someone you care about or grab an hour or two for yourself!
Ever wanted to help someone or buy some customised coaching for yourself? This is a great option to choose. Each module is one hour. You decide how many modules you'd like to buy for your friend or yourself and we'll take care of the rest. Registe...