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Onboarding for Success Planning

Onboarding for Success Planning

Onboarding for Success Planning

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Choose the coach and the coaching hours you want to invest. Discount applies for 5+ hours.

Which Onboarding programme suits you?

Originally designed as an extension of the MyCareerBrand Job Search Strategy programme, the On-Boarding for Success coaching programme can also be provided separately.

You can select the programme duration and budget, ranging from a single up front on-boarding workshop of 3 hours (2 hours face to face + 1 hour coach administration and planning time) to a full 6 month customised coaching programme of 12 hours or more with a 'pay as you go' plan.

What if you've already started your new role?

It's perfectly normal to start a new role and then - for any number of reasons, discover things could be going better. We will work with you to design a coaching solution to bring things back on track.

Have a chat with one of our coaches to discuss options and what's best for you. 

Why choose to invest in an On-Boarding Coach?

A new leader engenders significant expectations from all directions: the Board, leadership teams above and below, direct reports, wider team members, customers and suppliers. Everyone wants to see you be successful.

Expectations start from the recruitment process and then the announcement, often one to three months before start date, and carry through well into the first year of appointment.

The job description never includes the realities of starting a senior leadership role: restructuring, change management, managing upwards, transforming a culture and turning around a result. It also never prepares you for the possible isolation and loneliness the tough decisions bring.

By preparing you for the role and organisation you're joining - you'll be equipped to mitigate the risk of de-railers. The coaching provides you with the opportunity to reflect and apply learning's with both thought and agility.

Depending on the level of on-boarding being provided to you by the organisation you're joining - and with your permission, we can work closely with your HR and Hiring Manager to build a cohesive program - or we can work confidentially outside of the organisation. Irrespective of how we structure the alignment, your engagement and interaction with your MyCareerBrand coach will remain confidential.




Your on-boarding program is split into 2 stages:

A minimum of 3 hours coaching is recommended. This is generally in the form of a 2 hour workshop with an additional hour of coach input - planning and documenting your on-boarding. The recommended duration of the programme is 12 hours spanning 6 months however you can purchase coaching in blocks of 3 hours to suit your own needs.

Following Stage 1, coaching is provided in blocks of 3 at 1 hour per coaching session. Coaching sessions may be longer or shorter to suit requirements.

Stage 1 (3 hours): Preparation - commencing with a workshop, planning and scene setting preferably prior to your new role's start date.

Stage 2 (3+ hours): Generally spread over 6 months, your on-boarding coach will work with you ensure you to apply the leadership domains expected for this role and the necessary guidance when navigating challenging territory.


Next Steps:

Get in touch with us to discuss a tailored program to suit your schedule, budget and needs.

Lead On-Boarding Coach:

Gordon Holmes: m. +64 27 530 6461