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Employer Paid Coaching for You

Employer Paid Coaching for You

Employer Paid Coaching for You

If you have been referred to MyCareerBrand for coaching by your employer this is where you will complete your registration.
When you register for this programme, in the Notes Section at 'checkout' be sure to include the name of your employer, manager (past or present) and the name of the person who has referred you to MyCareerBrand.
Select the coach who you'd like to have working with you from the drop-down list provided.
Complete registration including checkout.
Note: Your employer will be paying for your coaching up to the budget they have set, so you'll see the amount due by you at checkout is zero. Please complete checkout even though it is a zero balance.
If you would like to add on additional time to that provided by your employer and pay for this yourself we can arrange this separately.

You must complete the checkout process to kick off your coaching and for MyCareerBrand to organize payment with your employer.

Following your registration and checkout we will be in touch to set up your first meeting.

We look forward to working with you to leverage your potential and take your career forward to where you want it to be!


If you require further information please call:

Craig McAlpine: +6421666807