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Coaching by the hour

Coaching by the hour

Coaching by the hour

Pricing excludes GST (if applicable)
We provide payment plans and credit card payments to help you get started and invest in your career.

Choose the coach and the coaching hours you want to invest. Discount applies for 5+ hours.

Choose the coaching hours you want to invest.

All of our most popular modules unbundled to provide what you need when you need it!

This coaching solution is designed for job seekers with a pressing requirement to focus on just one or two aspects of their job search. LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn strategy, CV, cover letter or interview skills.

By unbundling our popular Job Search Strategy programme we enable you to prioritize specific areas not only for your current go to market positioning and role at hand, but for future opportunities too.

Simply select the number of hours you'd like to invest in. The hours assigned are listed with each module. You can select more hours if you wish, however you may wish to look at some of our other coaching options which may be more cost effective.

Each unbundled coaching module is facilitated by the career coach of your choice; through face to face coaching in one of our regional offices or remotely by online video call. Modules are 1 hour of coach time - unless otherwise stated *,  and include various reusable tools and templates to assist you on your journey as well as online access to a video recording of each coaching session.

Simply select the number of hours recommended for each module, register and pay and we'll be in touch to discuss your needs and set up a time to meet.

e.g. If you'd like CV, Role Alignment and Value Proposition Building, select 2 hours. If you think you'll need more then simply add additional hours to the level you require.

Module Options:

1: CV, Role Alignment and Value Proposition Building (2-hour minimum coach time):

Your CV doesn't come first. Before you even start to think about customizing your CV - you need to ensure your value proposition communicates key messaging based on hiring manager needs, not just where you've been. Our coaching, tools and processes will take you on a structured journey so that you develop succinct and compelling content for your CV, LinkedIn profile and interviews, aligned to the role at hand and for future opportunities. At the same time we’ll be testing as to whether the role you're applying for is where you really want to be.

Be prepared to be challenged.

2: Basic CV and/or Cover Letter Review and Mark-up (1-hour each minimum coach time):

Your CV and cover letter are the gatekeepers to you securing a call back - telephone screening, video call, or face to face interview with the recruiter and/or hiring manager. What are they seeing? For the role you have at hand now and for future opportunities, the tools and coaching we provide will enable you to create compelling content for your CV and Cover Letter, and review each document objectively against key criteria.

3: Video and/or Face to Face Interview Skills (1-hour minimum coach time):

Now that you've invested significant time and effort in to developing your CV and cover Letter, and have secured an opportunity to interview - it'd be a shame to blow it. Right?

Interviewing at the best of times is tough - and now we have the added challenge of the new norm - video interviews.

How will you come across to the recruiter and hiring manager?

We'll coach you on the techniques of the 2 types of interview environments - face to face and video. We'll also cover off the approach you should take to panel interviews and a broader spectrum of influencers and decision makers.

You'll then have the opportunity to review your interview coaching from an online video recording.

4: LinkedIn (1-hour minimum coach time):

LinkedIn is the online networking, information and talent search channel of choice for professionals, recruiters and hiring managers.

Did you know that greater than 90% of recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn during the candidate screening phase, more than c. 70% of recruiters have identified and placed candidates found through LinkedIn, and that c. 60% of candidates who are screened out are screened out because their LinkedIn profile lets them down?

To build your online brand and capture job opportunities it’s essential to develop your LinkedIn profile – optimising it to generate LinkedIn profile views and inbound inquiries from recruiters and hiring managers.

During your LinkedIn coaching we’ll work with you to develop, build and optimise your LinkedIn content and activity to ensure you’re communicating the key messages required for you to cement your brand, gain views, front of mind position and inbound inquiries.

5: Application Concierge (1-hour minimum coach time):

The application process can be a lonely, emotional roller coaster. Family and friends may tell you what you want to hear - or not, and this may take you on a course that isn't at all constructive. The role of your Application Concierge is to support you from your job search through to on-boarding, providing feedback and guidance on every aspect - from screening your opportunities, reviewing your applications through to assisting you to negotiate a suitable remuneration package and then master the on-boarding process with a 100 day plan.

What will make this process more effective?

Provide us with a Job ad, a position description and maybe additional research about the role you're applying for or one you're likely to apply for.

We can then use this information to tailor your coaching requirements and apply it against a variety of tools and templates to suit your needs.