Career Transformation, Job Search Strategy and Acquisition (CT-JSS)

$1,680.00 $2,100.00 saving $420.00
Career Transformation, Job Search Strategy and Acquisition (CT-JSS)

Career Transformation, Job Search Strategy and Acquisition (CT-JSS)

$1,680.00 $2,100.00 saving $420.00

MyCareerBrand has a forward-facing and solutions-focused perspective, and a belief that personal and professional alignment creates a strong foundation for successful leaders.

Issues experienced in early 2020 are catalysts for a new Career Transformation programme.

Divided in to 3 parts - Transformation, Strategy and Job Search Concierge, this programme has been designed for leaders who want to evolve and re-frame a successful career into new and relevant career options.

Coaching supports personal re-branding, career transformation, job search strategy and go to market with collateral such as your CV, LinkedIn and interview skills.

The programme begins with a MyCareerBrand career hygiene review and then moves to leveraging transferable skills to pivot seamlessly and confidently into new career options.

In uncertain times, people who will survive the best are those that can adapt to changing physical, social, political and emotional environments.

The programme with its three key areas of focus – Career Transformation, Job Search Strategy, and support from a Job Search Concierge, guarantees ongoing flexibility and agility, enabling you to identify and manage career options, respond effectively and progress through the recruitment process with confidence.

Whilst each module is structured in its delivery, the solution is designed to flex to meet your needs - whether it's face to face in our office or video conferencing.

We will have access to video recordings of your coaching so you can review your coaching sessions online as many times as you like. This has proven to be very popular with our clients and a powerful way of recalling the process, reflecting on key areas, and capturing the essence of discussion, key outcomes and the action points of your coaching in your own time.

After speaking with one of our coaches you can decide if you would like to bundle or unbundle the 2 areas of this programme.

Your foundation for a successful career pathway

Selecting your programme:

Select Parts One and Two with your location (or video-online) and your choice of coach. Part Three - Job Search Concierge is automatically included if Part 2 is selected.

Payment terms:

If you select the full programme at time of registration - Career Transformation and Job Search Strategy, you will receive a discount and have 2 payment options available:

  1. At checkout select to pay the full amount by Credit Card now or,
  2. If you would prefer to split your payment select Bank Deposit, and we will invoice you in 2 equal monthly payments. First payment will be invoiced on registration and due day following. Second payment will be invoiced at time of registration and due for payment one month later.


Professional Transformation

(6 hours of coach commitment including 4 hours client face to face time):


  • MyCareerBrand career hygiene review
  • Goal setting
  • Values elicited for alignment, motivation and clarity
  • Personal Purpose
  • Personal Brand for career options
  • Strategies for success


Timelines between sessions one and two will be tailored to your own requirements and sense of urgency.

Session One

(Face to Face Coaching Time: 2 hours):

  • MyCareerBrand career hygiene review – current state analysis
  • Goals defined
  • Values underpinning your goals: What’s important to you about your career?
  • Motivational drivers: What gives you energy?
  • Leadership Skills and Competencies: What do you bring?
  • Strategies for success: What’s my plan?


Session Two

(Face to Face Coaching Time: 2 hours):

  • Alignment with Career Direction: Where to next - with structure and confidence.
  • My Personal Brand: What this could be.
  • Defined Purpose: Communicating with conviction.



Job Search Strategy (5.5 hours face to face coaching time)


Go to Market Strategy, Collateral and Approach:

  • Focus: Career Driver Mapping
  • Messaging: Value Proposition Building
  • Collateral and Evidencing: CV Development and LinkedIn Content Mapping.
  • Market Scoping and Research Based Applications: Targeted alignment of Career objectives and value proposition to opportunities.
  • Communications: Direct engagement, Cover Letters, e-mails and Protocols.
  • Go-To-Market, Job Search Strategy: 100 Day plan; Strategy, Tactics and Activities.


Session One (Positioning foundations)

(Coach Time: 1.0 hour)

  • Calibrating your Personal and Professional direction.
  • Utilising MyCareerBrand foundation tools.
  • Benefits and Business Case Value Proposition Development.


Session Two: (Completion of CV and LinkedIn ready content)

(Coach Time: 1.0 hour)

  • CV completed
  • Content for LinkedIn ready
  • At the conclusion of Session Two you should be ready to address any pressing requirements to submit your baseline CV for general information.


Session Three (Research and Value Proposition Application Matrixing)

(Coach Time: 1.0 hour)


  • Focused market activity including high level online and traditional channels
  • Information Gathering and Decision Tools
  • Role and Capability Alignment
  • Go-To-Market


Session Four (Tailored Interview, Presence and Closing)

(Coach Time: 1.5 hours)


  • Interview Styles and Techniques: Face to Face, Panel, Video
  • Cementing Capability and Career Transformation: Presenting a compelling proposition. Why me.
  • Removing Barriers: Handling objections and challenges


Job Search Concierge

(Coach Time: 1.0 hour included in programme. Invoiced per hour thereafter)

Following and during your coaching you will be proactively and/or reactively responding to opportunities. Your coach is available to support you during this often-challenging phase – listening to your concerns, re-working your strategy and applications where required, even just grabbing a coffee to discuss market trends and your own progress, providing objective and pragmatic insights whilst maintaining an empathy for your current situation.

Next Steps:

Contact one of our coaches for a confidential discussion. Or formally register, selecting location, and coach of your choice.

Note: If you are unable to attend one of our regional offices please select the Video - Online option and the coach of your choice.