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Job Search Strategy

Job Search Strategy

Job Search Strategy


(Pricing excludes GST)

Take a strategic approach to your job search.

Choose the coaching hours you want to invest. We recommend 6.5 hours of Coach time for the full programme - Discount savings apply for 5+ hours)

We work with you to take a strategic approach to job search by integrating the key job search phases. - equipping you with a job search strategy and tailored marketing assets such as your CV, LinkedIn, how to pitch to a recruiter to get through a screening call, and mastering interview skills to navigate difficult questions - presenting alignment with the role and a compelling reason to hire.

We offer to video all of your coaching for you to refer to a later date.

You might also like to consider StrengthsFinder - a detailed assessment of your strengths and coaching to bring them to life in your job search.

Session One: (Positioning foundations)

(Coach Time: 1.5 hours, Client engagement time 1 hour)


  • Calibration of your Personal and Professional direction.
  • Introduction to MyCareerBrand foundation tools to build out CV and LinkedIn
  • Benefits and Value Proposition Development.
  • Foundations for CV development

Session Two: (Completion of CV and LinkedIn ready content)

(Coach Time: 1.5 hours, Client engagement time 1 hour)

  • CV completed ready for customisation
  • Content ready for LinkedIn
  • At the conclusion of Session Two you should be ready to address any pressing requirements to submit your baseline CV for general information.

Session Three: (Research and Value Proposition Application Matrixing)

(Coach Time: 1.5 hours, Client engagement time, 1 hour)


  • Review LinkedIn content
  • Focused market activity including online and traditional channels
  • Information gathering and job application decision tools
  • Role and Capability Alignment tools
  • Go-To-Market
  • Recommended recruitment consultants


Session Four: (Prepare for the recruiter screening phone call - pitch your proposition)

(Coach Time: 30 minutes, Client engagement time 15 minutes)


  • Know when to take a screening call and how to reschedule without losing the opportunity
  • Know the likely questions that you'll need to answer and how to answer them
  • Learn how to present a compelling reason to move to the next phase - the job interview
  • Learn how to say "no" and leave the door open for future opportunities.

Session Five: (Tailored Interview, Presence and Closing)

(Coach Time: 1.5 hours, Client Time 1 hour)


  • Coaching throughout for continuous improvement
  • Interview Styles and Techniques: Face to Face, Panel, Video
  • Cementing Capability and Career Transformation: Presenting a compelling proposition
  • Removing Barriers: Handling objections and challenges
  • Video review

You are now ready to go to market for a new role, equipped with the evidence, CV and interview skills you need to leverage your potential.

Next Steps:

Contact one of our coaches for a confidential discussion. Or formally register and prepay by selecting the Leaders - Job Search Strategy programme, location, and coach of your choice.