Workshops, seminars and coaching

Our development model separates skills training from attribute development,
as they differ greatly in depth of learning that needs to occur for development outcomes to be optimised.

The Life skills and People skills workshops are appropriate for all employees and ensure the individual looks at their
own needs and motivations and how they impact their private and work life.


 The Management and Leadership skills workshops are applicable for those currently in, or being prepared for, leadership roles. These workshops enhance an individuals influencing and decision making skills and competence. The purpose is to enhance an individual’s confidence around leading, and encourage the individual to utilise all the applicable resources surrounding them.


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Skills Training

Attribute Development

The Management and Life skills workshops are step-by-step applied learning opportunities where an individual can easily evaluate and monitor their own development and level of attainment.


Attribute development often takes a combination of acceptance that the individual needs to change or develop this area alongside the tools and strategies they can use to develop it. Changing your attributes and preferences, or finding strategies to utilise them more effectively is a much more difficult learning curve to climb.  These programmes are designed with this in mind and to support the individual more during the process.


Online Career Coach

If you want to work directly with an experienced MyCareerBrand coach, you can arrange an online meeting to work through any of our key service options, or personalise a training programme that’s is right for you.