People Skills

Path of Dialogue

Conflict Resolution

Individuals gain effective enquiry skills and contrasting skills that can be used to keep dialogue open and allow the parties to work collaboratively towards a mutually acceptable solution.


Participants will understand their natural behavioural response to different conflict scenarios and will experience and practice different approaches to diffuse conflict.



The individual utilises a customer-needs focused strategy that helps them understand their clients immediate and future needs. The organisation increases sales, develops a more professional sales team, and decrease the heavy costs of turnover and ineffective training.

Customer Service

Individuals realise what good internal and external customer service is, examine their own performance, develop the appropriate values, skills and behaviours to create an environment that assists their organisation in exceeding customers’ expectations.

Presentation Skills

Initiating Reluctance

Participants improve their confidence around presentations, can plan and deliver to a variety of audiences, develop specific skills and techniques to make them more persuasive and have the ability to control themselves and their presenting environment.




Reduces or eliminates initiating reluctance to enable individuals to be fully effective in a leadership, sales or prospecting role. This workshop trains individuals in techniques to overcome the type of initiating reluctance, which is holding the brake on their careers.




Managing Goal Achievement

This workshop focuses people on corporate and personal goals. It also increases people’s achievement drive and productivity by helping them plan the strategy for reaching their goals and develop the necessary strengths they’ll need to reach their goals.


Outcomes are a resilient individual who is effective and efficient at managing their workload, and stressors at work and home.

Values Alignment

The values map and workshop identifies the values,
which are currently influencing an individual’s life
and an individual’s view of and approach to their role.

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Individuals learn how to focus on the right tasks to the
 right degree in the right time frames.