Management Skills

Coaching Skills

Managers develop important primary skills in empowering staff to take ownership and improve performance. This workshop provides managers with a useful and appropriate mechanism for giving feedback to employees and provides an environment of trust and collaboration.



Briefings will have a clear structure and purpose in order to manage expectations. The manager or team leader proactively manages team meetings that facilitate communication, engender discussion and ensure ideas and concerns are recorded, addressed and actioned.




Problem Solving

Recruitment Skills

Group Dynamics

This workshop provides participants with the structure and skills to feel competent and confident in hiring the best person for the job.  Participants are able to customise these modules with their organisations employment brand and employee value proposition.




Assists a team to better understand how each team member prefers to communicate, problem solve, plan, and evaluate. Individuals and teams understand how to work with differences and ultimately to see diversity within a team is a strength.




Performance Management


Managers and supervisors become clear about the role they play in managing employee performance. They gain an increased understanding of the performance planning and review process, and how it links to corporate performance. They receive feedback on their communication and listening skills and learn how to conduct effective performance review discussions.


Individuals are able to define a problem or issue and clarify where accountability and responsibility lies. Where the problem / issue falls outside their accountability they can ensure the problem is appropriately passed on to the correct owner.




This workshop helps new managers/team leaders let go the right tasks to their direct reports and evolve new skills in order to be able to manage effectively and efficiently.





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