Outplacement Services

What matters most is that your business is enabled to achieve its objectives.
This is in no small way achieved through communicating a valuable point of difference, not only to your clients, but also to your employees.

The point of difference needs to resonate and needs to matter, and that’s where we help you. Our Employer Services include a range of employee programmes – including outplacement, coaching, training and workshops, all designed to be tailored to meet your needs.  At the heart of what we do is our key measure of success;
”making a difference through adding value to your business“.

 MyCareerBrand provides a well-rounded set of employer services aimed at developing the capability of your team, building productivity, and retaining your employer brand when you need to make significant changes through restructures and redundancies.


All of the key module areas below can be delivered one-on-one or in a workshop environment. The programmes are designed for specific role searches, or can be delivered as part of a comprehensive Outplacement Programme to a group of candidates.



Value Proposition Development

The CV’s and resume writing skills of yesterday no-longer meet all of the requirements of the fast paced and highly competitive world of recruitment. A recruiter takes anywhere from 6 to 25 seconds to read a single application. Candidates are positioned through a proven combination of coaching and tools to design, write and communicate collateral that delivers results.  Workshops are available to cater for groups of employees who may be going through an out-placement programme.

CV and Resume Writing

A recent survey found that greater than 80% of those in sales, shouldn't be in sales. So how do those who do not regard themselves as ‘sales professionals’ sell themselves. Candidates are enabled through a combination of coaching and tools – with the option of workshopping in a group situation, to develop and sell their value proposition to prospective recruiters and hiring managers. Applying solution based selling techniques, the candidate will be able to align their experience and skills with the prospect’s needs to create compelling proposition to hire.


LinkedIn is fast becoming the talent tool of choice for recruiters and hiring managers. Greater than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn during the candidate screening phase, with a significant number of candidates being screened in or out simply because of what their LinkedIn profiles are – or aren’t, communicating. Candidates who are found are those who have their profiles optimised. Focusing on 10 key areas of LinkedIn, this module provides candidates with the insights and capability to move their LinkedIn profile from zero to hero.

Working with Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Candidates often find this area one of the most challenging phases of the job search process. This development area focuses the candidate on how they can win front of mind position without ‘bothering’ the recruiter, building strong elevator pitches that win attention and maintain traction, set and manage expectations, and grow sustainable relationships.

Interview Skills

Successful interviews aren’t just about answering all of the questions that get thrown at you. The reality is that the recruitment process is horribly flawed, and candidates wonder why they lose out to others.  Interviewers are often poorly skilled at asking the right questions.  So the candidate needs to take control as much as possible – ensuring they get their message across. The coaching provided for this area is designed to empower the candidate to hone in on what matters most and to answer questions as a solution sales person would.

Job Search Strategy

The most successful sales people know their market and their target customers. While candidates are in ‘job search mode’ they should apply the same principles as a solutions sales person.  MyCareerBrand provides the tools and coaching that enable and support candidates to develop and execute a well thought out job search strategy.  The systems, processes and tools create a platform to introduce objectivity and remove emotional attachment.